30MM Stabilized Remote Controlled Weapon System (SCRWS) from EM Digital

Weapon deatils from EMDigital.com

1. An established British Technology with over 70% hit accuracy.
2. A battle proven technology especially developed and tested for most recent asymmetric naval conflicts.
3. A proven counter measure against small sized targets.
4. Uniquely providing high level of stability for PITCH, YAW and ROLL
5. Modularised system with an advanced control architecture making it suitable for future system upgrades.
6. Represents the latest in digital technology in weapon stabilisation.
7. Choice of materials — Aluminium and/or Carbon Fibre technology with high level of ballistic protection and low radar signature.
8. Independently movable electro-optical sight unit with Track While Fire
9. Ergonomically designed and tested HMI and target tracking system
10. Highest level of system redundancy with manual operation and zero dispersion in burst firing
11. NATO level compliances, system security and safety.
12. An ISO 9001:2008 certified OEM and an experienced product developer for UK Royal Navy.
13. European and regional service and support centres with qualified EMDigital staff.

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