Human Energy Concealment Suit called HECS Energy Cloak

HECS Human Energy Concealment Systems testing the EMR meter while wearing HECS suit. Watch the results.

Human Energy Concealment Systems, L.L.C., (HECS) an Oregon corporation, has announced that it has appointed the Virginia Beach, VA-based Energy Shielding Systems (ESS) division of Combat Coatings, L.L.C., as HECS Exclusive National and International Government and Military Distributor of the HECS Technology and the HECS Product Line.
HECS has five patents pending on breakthrough technology which applies to their new discoveries about animal/ bird and fish reaction to minor changes in electrical environment including the human electromagnetic energy signature. HECS technology incorporates conductive carbon yarn in a specific grid pattern that is proven to block EMR emissions from the human body. HECS refers to this technology as HECS Energy Cloak™.

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