Israeli Merkava Main Battle Tank

Merkava 4

Merkava 3

Weight 65 tons
Length Rear to muzzle, 9.04 m
Width 3.72 m (without skirts)
Height 2.66 m (turret roof)
Crew 4

Armor Classified composite matrix of laminated ceramic-steel-nickel composite alloy
Primary armament 120 mm MG253 smoothbore gun:
48 rounds, LAHAT ATGM
Secondary armament 1 × 12.7 mm MG
2 × 7.62 mm MG
1 × 60 mm internal mortar
Engine 1,500 hp diesel
Power/weight 23 hp/ton
Suspension Helical spring
range 500 km
Speed 70 km/h

Merkava Mark IV

First production Merkava I from the back on display at Latrun Armor Museum with two-piece vertical door in center.

Merkava II at Latrun.

Merkava Mark III early example as seen on display at the Latrun Armor Corps Museum.

Merkava Mk III Dor Daleth BAZ Kasag

Merkava Mark IV is first publicly introduced and seen in May 2002 at Israeli Independence Day celebrations (here seen at Latrun).

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