Lockheed Martin P-791 Long-Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle (LEMV)

Northrop Grumman’s open architected Long Endurance Multi Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) is a revolutionary aviation concept that will shape the future of ISR. We’ve developed a clean aerodynamic design with less drag than competing designs, use existing proven hull materials, a type certified engine, off-the-shelf sensors, and the Army’s Universal Ground Control Station with 100% interoperability with DCGS-A. We integrate ISR payloads most efficiently through our Murphy Bay on the vehicle centerline. Every design tradeoff was made with an unyielding commitment to schedule. Our open architecture and business model invites third parties to get onboard the aircraft with limited interference, weapon system, balanced by it’s elegant simplicity. Simple means we will fly in theater in December 2011.

Key Features
• Simple, non-exotic solutions with proven components
• Energy efficient.  Fuel consumption more than 10x less than comparable capability
• 12-24 forward deployed crew members to support 18 vehicles 24/7/365
• 1,500nm – 2,400nm range with 15,000 lbs (Heavy Lift Configuration)
• More than 21 days endurance with 2,750 lbs payload (ISR Configuration)
• Payload Volume more than 2,700 cubic feet, heavy lift yield additional volume
• Service Ceiling greater than 22,000 ft. MSL
• Loiter/dash speed: 30/80 kts

• More than 21 days of unblinking stare
• Proven multi-INT payload integration
• Multi-mission capable: persistent surveillance, force protection, counter-drug operations,
• Support host nation ops, disaster, humanitarian relief, overwatch/support troops
• Flexible Murphy Bay modules to accommodate current and future payloads
• Very short or vertical takeoff, excellent ground stability
• Bow thruster provides low-speed control and position hold capability
• Leverage proven type-certified engine
• Future growth accomplished through field installations
• Radar, SIGINT, Full Motion Video, LOS/BLOS COMM Relay

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