Swordfish, Sailor Hat (Conventional Test), ASROC, SUBROC

0800046 – Composite No. 1 -Swordfish, Sailor Hat (Conventional Test), ASROC, SUBROC – Various dates – 17:45 – Color – This video is a composite of several delivery systems and nuclear and non-nuclear Navy tests.

SWORDFISH was a low-yield nuclear weapon test (less than 20 kilotons) of an antisubmarine rocket (ASROC) delivery system conducted in the Pacific. The underwater test produced a spectacular eruption on the ocean surface. Operation Sailor Hat involved using numerous conventional explosives to simulate nuclear blasts. Delta, the last Sailor Hat test in the ship evaluation program, was conducted to study seismological data, underwater acoustics, radio communications, cratering, air blast effects, cloud growth, fire ball generation, and electromagnetic data. There is dramatic video footage of the effects of this simulated nuclear blast on the test ships.

There is footage of a depth bomb deployment from an aircraft. At water entry, the parachute is jettisoned. A ship-fired, ASROC-delivered Mark 45 torpedo was parachute deployed before entering the water and searching for and finding the submarine target. The torpedo, moving at 40 knots until reaching the proper depth in the water, then began a horizontal movement toward the target. Once in place, the warhead detonated. A submarine rocket (SUBROC) is shown ejecting from a nuclear submarine’s torpedo tube, coming out of the water, flying up to 25 miles, reentering the water, and finally finding its target. A 39-inch long Mark 55 thermonuclear warhead, weighing approximately 460 pounds, was then detonated.

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