UK’s Amazing New Stealth Ship Concept The Sea Wraith 1 & 2

British shipbuilder Vosper Thorneycroft Ltd, has offered plans to the British Navy for a stealthy corvette class ship called the SEA WRAITH. Its asymmetric towers, movable mast, wave-piercing bow and several other innovative features will make it one of the stealthiest and deadliest ships afloat.

Sea Wraith will utilize a radar absorbing composite superstructure and deflecting angled design to achieve stealth. High speed electric motors will make it very quiet. Sea Wraith will take stealth a step further, using artificially generated mist to disguise it as a patch of fog. This cloud of mist would visually mask the ship. At the same time, it would prevent infrared sensors from detecting “hot” spots created by the ship’s powerplant or recently fired weapons. Vosper Thorneycroft projects the first Sea Wraith will be operational early in the next century.

Power Plant: Diesel electric
Prime Contractor: Vosper Thorneycroft LTD
Length: 377 meters
Beam: 51 feet
Crew: 105

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