USAs ATACMS – Army Tactical Missile Systems

The Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) Block II Missile is manufactured by Lockheed Martin. The missile has a range of 128 km and is a surface-to-surface missile (SSM). The Block I missile contained 950 M74 submunitions. The Block IA missile contained 275 M74 submunitions, this reduction in payload resulted in a greater range. A new system, currently in development, has revamped the missile, with a 500lb warhead and new guidance systems that allow for a near vertical attack vector, allowing for greater use in mountainous or urban terrain. A recent test of this “Block 2” missile was shown on an episode of Future Weapons. The Block II ATACAMS missile can also carry a payload of 13 BAT (Brilliant Anti-Tank) munitions.

ATACMS Unitary FPT-1A-5

US Army MLRS ATACMS Broach warhead sled test

M39 ATACMS Block I


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