Amazing Kidnapped Hostage Recovery Fight in Iraq

Gotta see this, here’s the info from the vid American trainer/ advisor with Iraqi commandos. While on a routine patrol they were informed that a woman was kidnapped and being held in a house down the street. The Iraqi commandos set up a hasty plan and moved quickly to rescue the woman. As you can see the information was correct and the kidnappers put up a heck of a fight. The first man in the doo More..r got hit the hardest. You will see the kidnapped woman being led out. The kidnappers were captured. This camera was mounted on the helmet of the trainer so you do not get the picture of what he was seeing by cutting his eyes left and right or peering around the corner. However those first rounds are passing inches from his face. The end scene shows the captured kidnapper after his friends called him (you can hear the phone ring). He is being told to set up a meet so that the commandos can catch the rest of them. I should add that the trainier had nothing but high praise for his commandos.

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